Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

Oh, Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day, whichever is the correct term that fits your holiday this year.  Do you remember Valentine's Day from when you were in school?  I remember making 'mailboxes' out of cereal boxes and having heart themed parties, but one Valentine's Day card experience scarred me for life!

We usually had Valentine's from a company called Lillian Vernon (that I think since has closed) and we would order check Valentine's from them.  The valentine's would look like checks and you would make them out to everyone in your class.  They were a huge hit.  Well, one year my mom had forgotten to order them (or they were late being delivered) and we had to go to the store the night before and sift through the valentine's boxes that were left to the last minute.  Choices were slim and we were down to one small bin at the grocery store.  I had VERY few choices and had to get Beetle Juice valentine's cards. :(  I was SO embarrassed to take Beetle Juice cards to school the next morning, but it was either them or nothing.  I'm sure it was all in my head, but I felt like everyone was looking at me funny.  It scarred me for life.

So naturally, to this day, I like to make cute Valentine' Day cards, well in advance.  Here are my Valentine’s Day cards I made this year for my coworkers and friends!  They say “Sip-Sip” Hooray, It’s Valentine’s Day with a crazy straw attached.  I love them!

Here’s a simple way to make them.

Materials Needed:
Crazy straws (available 6-$1 at the Dollar Tree)
Scissors (decorative or plain)
Printer with colored ink

Print out the printable with your name on it and cut with plain scissors or decorative scissors.

Cut a slit at the top for the straw to go through.

Stick the straw in the slit and tape it to the back so it will not slide off.


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