Thursday, February 5, 2015

Babysitting Workout

Last night I went over to babysit my niece, Kali Claire. My parents had a rodeo meeting and my sister had to work so they asked me to come over and watch her until they got home.

We ate dinner and while she was playing in her high chair and banged her spoon on the chair.  She looked at me to see if I would tell her no, but I got two more spoons out of the drawer and started banging on it with her.  She started laughing and we made so much noise the dog went to my mom’s closet.  LOL. ;)

After I cleaned the peach and spaghetti remnants off her, I got some pots out of the cabinet and we started a band in the living room.  It started off with two pots, three spoons, and a lid, but it quickly escalated to many more pots.  The noise level was LOUD, but we didn’t mind, we were making music! 

Every few minutes she would say, “More” in her little voice and go over to the cabinet to get more.  She would be laughing the entire time and then run over back to me.  You can’t play drums with only a few pots, obviously.

I started to put the pots away and she would squeal “NOOOOOOOOOOO” and I decided just to leave them until she went to bed.  She had no plans on going to bed though, because we were playing peek-a-boo in the cabinet. 

She got tired and said “Night Night” and then walked over to the stairs.  I thought to myself,  that was easy, and picked her up to bring her to bed.  Nope!  I found out later that she is in the middle of transitioning to no bottle at night (it’s time-she’s 18 months) and I was the sucker who she thought she could pull a fast one on.  She was testing me.

I brought her upstairs but she was screaming when we got to her door, so I thought she might not be ready for bed yet.  I brought her back downstairs, but then about 20 minutes later she did the same thing.  Repeat the process and then I finally texted to see how to put her to bed.

Apparently she was trying to get me to give her a bottle, but I couldn’t find them.  My mom said to tell her they are broken and just put her in the bed with the fan on.  She looked disappointed when I told her they were broken, but she went to her room after that. She thought she could pull a fast one on me and get me to give her a bottle! Well, she almost did because I was looking for the bottles! Haha. 

She finally went to sleep after fussing for a few minutes.  I was with her for a little over an hour and a half and she wore me out!  She was my workout for the day. Haha.  I really did need a rest day though. :)

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