Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taxing the Childless

I read this article tonight about a blogger who think that taxing people who are childless would be a better solution.  As a person who is childless, I say absolutely not!  This made me so mad!

First of all, it is not my problem that you had a kid, or multiple children.  Everyone goes through hard times, but putting a regular tax on people and try to make 'your child' have a better start is B.S.  Seriously.  I am choosing not to have children at this point, because I can't afford them at this point.  Yes, I make more than $51K a year (which is the rate which he says the childless should be taxed more), but that doesn't mean I should be punished for making more money than you.  How is that my fault?  If you are jealous of me having more money because you have 3 other people to feed, sorry!  I have no control over how much your boss pays you or your expenses.  I shouldn't have another tax added because you think it is 'unfair'.  Go cry to your mom!  It's called "choices" and "responsibilities" if you feel like you should have the same life as a non-parent, that's too bad.  It was you 'choice' to have children (yes, you did have the choice to have them or not, even if you don't believe in that) and now it is YOUR 'responsibility' to take care of them, not mine.

Secondly, what about the people who cannot have children?  You are punishing them for something that is biologically wrong with them? 

Third, parents already get a tax credit, why add more? I know lots of people who get $5K plus in tax refunds each year because they have children.  That tax is already one I pay, but to add more of a tax to it is ridiculous! I already pay for a public school system that I don't use and I am OK with that.  Kids need an education, because we all know that if it wasn't free, most people wouldn't send their kids to school.  I went to public school myself, however my parents paid that tax when I was in school, so technically I shouldn't have to pay for it now (but I do).

You should get a tax break for helping overpopulate the world?  It is not a countries duty to feed or cloth you.  You need to WORK you booty off to provide for your family or do not have children.  It's called birth control.  The world is getting overpopulated as it is, if you can't afford children, then don't have them.

Help yourself people!  It is not my responsibility or my neighbors responsibility to help you.  I should not be forced to help people.  I give my money to people and charities who I know need it.  Its a good thing to do.  I shouldn't have to give my money to someone who sits on their behind all day collecting welfare checks because they have had kids and don't want to work.  Now, I understand that some people are trying to get off welfare and I say good for them!  I am more than happy to help them get on their feet.  Show me how you are helping yourself before you ask for my help.  If you are on welfare and drive a nicer car, have a nicer cell phone, more 'bling', eat out more than me, or buy more crap than me, well then I don't think you deserve my help.  Stop popping out kids and working the system.

My mom was a single mom and she got through it and makes really good money now. She WORKED her way up in her jobs, she didn't 'welfare' her way through life.  Take a lesson from her.


  1. Preach it, sister! I agree 100%.

    1. Thanks lady! I hope all is well with you, I haven't seen you blog lately! :)