Thursday, July 27, 2017

Make Origami Animals

I have wanted to learn Origami for awhile now so I decided to look for a class.  I found one at The Path of Tea every Thursday at 2 PM for only $10.  I have been trying to go for a few weeks now, but things kept coming up and I couldn't make it.  My schedule is flexible so I can go during the day.

I got there and ordered some strawberry green tea.  'Twas delicious!  I don't really like hot drinks but they were able to brew it hot and then put it over ice.

We started simply with plain origami paper.  I had no idea there was even such thing as origami paper, but apparently there's a lot of options.  Deborah (the teacher) said sometimes it's hard to find your folds on the fancier papers, so you need to start with simple, plain paper while you learn.

There were some great mobiles all over the tea room and I wanted one!  I almost got one in Africa a few years ago, but I didn't have much space in my luggage.  There is a world-wide mercantile place in Galveston on the Strand that I saw them at, but I did not buy it.  So, I've been looking for it for awhile now.  I will just have to make one now that I'm an "expert" at origami.  Ha!

We ended up folding a bird two different ways.  It was basically the same except the way the tail went.

Let me tell you, it's not as easy as folding paper. I mean, I guess it is that simple, but it is NOT EASY!  There were flips and turns and oh my.  My brain had a hard time, but at least I can say I did a bucket list item and tried it!

We also folded a dollar bill into a heart!  Wouldn't it be cool to have a dollar bill mobile?  Or $100 bill mobile! Haha.  Maybe....

Will I go again.  Maybe but probably not, I wasn't that interested.  I do want a mobile though!

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