Saturday, December 26, 2015

Soap Making Class

A few weeks ago I was browsing Groupon and I found a goat’s milk soap making class and I quickly signed up!  Oh wait, did I mention this was a Bucket List item???!!!!

The class was at Proverbs Farm in Alvin, TX with a very sweet woman named Tammy.

Anyway, I got to the location in Alvin but I wasn’t sure if I was in the correct place.  Does anyone else’s phone GPS take you to some weird locations?  The place was a residential building and I didn’t see any goats around.  Well, I called and it was the right place, it was just behind her home that she has her studio.  She showed me the studio while we waited for the others to get there. 

Once everyone was there we went to look at the goats.  There were even some baby goats that had been born that morning and still had the umbilical cord attached.  We were able to hold them and pet them if we wanted to.

After we got our baby goat fix, we went into the studio were we made soap!  She used to make goat milk cheese to sell at farmer’s markets, but she had recently stopped doing that.  BUT, she did have some for us to try and it was soooooo good.  She showed us the proper measurements for lye and the other ingredients.  Since lye is such a harsh chemical, she did that part herself and we added the ingredients.  One thing I found interesting was she added ice to the mixture to cool the lye down, instead of waiting for it to cool to the correct temperature.  Pretty cool short cut.

We were able to pick our color, our fragrance and our add-ins that we wanted. 

I picked glitter (duh!), pink color, poppy seeds for exfoliating, and a fragrance called “Love Potion” that smelled really good.

We made sure to measure everything properly and have the right tools (gloves and eye masks) when working.

We got to take our soap home with us.  It just needed to harden for about a week before we used it.  

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