Saturday, March 15, 2014

Veronica Mars Movie Premier

A year ago, my sister Laura mentioned that one of our favorite TV shows, Veronica Mars wanted to make a movie based on the series and was using Kickstarter to fund it.  Laura and I both contributed to it and officially became backers and received updates about the movies progress.  Originally, the goal of the Kickstarter campaign was to raise $2 Million, but the Marshmallow united and raised that in 11 hours, and by the end of their campaign, they had raised over $5.7 Million with over 91,000 backers that donated.  Talk about fans!

A year to the day that the Kickstarter campaign was kicked off, the Veronica Mars movie was released.  The movie is on a limited release at AMC Theaters throughout the country (and will be available for digital release soon too) and backers were the first ones invited to the special movie fan event the night before.  I have always wanted to attend a movie release party...what does that mean?  Bucket List item!!!!!!!  Yep, #2 for the year.  Technically, it says 'attend a mid-night movie release' but I meant a movie that you have to stand in line for, get tickets early, and perhaps a fan item.  This movie premier was at 8 pm on a Thursday, not quite midnight, but it still counts to me!

About a month before the movie release, they sent out an email to Backers letting us know about the premier fan event and that they would let us by them starting at 7 am before they were released to the general public at 9 am.  Whoo hoo, two hours.  Laura drops the boys off at school at that time, so I was in charge of waking up early and buying them.  Well, I forgot to wake up early, but still was able to purchase them after a bit of a freak out when my phone wouldn't work!  I got two tickets and we were all set to go to the premier, we just had to wait about a month before it actually got here

The fan event premier was held at AMC Theaters in Sugarland, TX.  I had no idea how close Sugarland was from me, I thought I had to travel down 59-S, but I didn't.  It turns out, I only had to drive about 10 miles down Highway 6.  Cool.  Anyway, I got there early to pick up our tickets and scope out the line.  It was about 5 pm and there were already about 10 people waiting in line.  There were two theaters opening up for us, so I decided  to go ahead and get dinner first and then come back to get in line.  I have to sit about 3/4 of the way up or to the top at the movies, otherwise I get motion sick.  Plus, my cousin Stephen and his new wife, Lauren decided to come with us. I was told earlier that there were only 38 tickets left (out of two theaters), so I went ahead and bought their tickets for them, just in case it was to sell out.
This is about at 7 pm when they were letting us inside.  Keep in mind that this is about halfway through the line and there were about 100 people in each line.  Crazy marshmallows!

I officially got in line about 6 pm and there were about 30 people in line (two different lines, one for each theater) and I wasn't worried about not getting a seat since I was so close in line.  I was more worried about saving 3 additional seats, but luckily, once I found the row I wanted to sit in, the people next to me were great about helping me save them.  They let us go in the theater right at 7 pm, and they gave us a lanyard and a reunion t-shirt.  I loved it so much that I wore it on Friday!

Laura, Steven and Lauren got there about 7:15 pm and they got there free goodies as well.  I wanted to get a drink, but the line was outrageous!  I figured they would have more lines open for such a big theater, but only the main one was open and the line was about 30 minutes long.  Crazy!  If you wanted food or just drinks, you still had to wait in the same line so it took forever!  I debated whether or not to get a margarita at the bar, but decided against it.

The movie started out with someone from AMC interviewing the stars of the film on the red carpet.  Let me just say, Ryan Hansen is hilarious!  So funny.  Other cast members were funny too, but his answers were the best.  Then the recap of the TV series came on to catch anyone up that didn't see the show, but I had already seen the first 8 minutes of the movie online.  Throughout the movie, each time an old character came back, the audience cheered.  Even the characters that weren't too popular during the series.  The one-liners in the movie were so funny too.  I don't want to give away spoilers, but it was an awesome movie with a few surprises.  One person seemed out of place (James Franco), and I am not sure why he had to be included.  Don't get me wrong, I like James Franco, it just seemed weird that he was in the movie. (BTW, that wasn't a spoiler!)


I loved attending the fan event at AMC Theaters! I followed them on FB and Twitter so I can be in the know about other fan events that are coming up.  Hopefully I can start going to these things more often!  I thought you had to know someone to attend these sort of events, turns out you just have to follow their social media pages. :)

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